By injecting coolant through the waxxcooler, you are able to cool down and dispense your wax anywhere!


Waxxcooler eliminate the need for tools

Place shatter like wax on the ridge elevated in the center of the holding bowl this suspends the wax in the center of the cooling chamber.If you are using lower quality 3rd run, or oil like wax place directly in the ejector slots.Then close the waxcooler.

Depending on what function you are going for , you have two options.

Option 1.   you can cool down a sheet of wax by setting it on the ridge in the center of the cooling chamber. This elevates the wax within the cooling chamber.  located above the ejector slots. (this will allow one to break off a piece as accurately as possible to get that right size piece.

Option 2. lets say you plan on being outside in moderately hot temperatures  you can put the waxxcooler in your pocket if you started with your sheet of wax suspended in the center of the cooling chamber.The heat from your body or temp outside will melt wax suspended on the riser into 6 ejector slots located in the cooling chamber underneath the riser.Then Run Freeze spray through the waxxcooler.The coolant never comes in contact with your wax, your holding bowl, or the ejector slots that your wax is stored in.

The barrier between the WAX and where the FREEZ SPRAY runs, is made from platinum plated copper.The holding bowl and ejector slots are surrounded by three sides with this platinum plated copper, creating a Trifecta of cooling power.The waxcooler uses basic physics to cool down your wax. in seconds.
The waxxcooler is made from 4 different types of platinum cured silicone. each one for its individual characteristics.


Intended use The waxxcooler is intended for the collection and redistribution of scented wax made by scented wax warmers.


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